29 May 2011

Alaska and Fabric

I've been MIA from Blogland for a couple weeks now, so Hello again!  I'm currently writing from wild Alaska, where I'm spending quality time with my family and getting my mountain fix for the next six months.  It's wonderful to be home again; something in me relaxes when I get off the plane and smell the clean Alaskan air, see the mountains, the ocean, and of course, getting to hug my parents and siblings in person.  Skype--as great as it is--just isn't enough.

Looking out at the Chugach range behind the Anchorage skyline across Cook Inlet.

Me, my hubby and my siblings.  I love this clan!

While visiting here, I found out that my absolute all-time-favorite line of fabric was released to the public.  After much mental tossing-and-turning about whether to purchase a line or two or three (or all four), I have in my hot little hands 3 colorways: Honey, Olive and Indigo, the latter being my favorite!

Smokey blues, greys and yellow.  Sunny and gorgeous.

The light greens are more lime than sage, but totally bright and happy!

Luckily I am staying with a master quilter, so finding the perfect patterns for my new fabric gold is going to be fun, fun, fun!!

Well, just wanted to pop up and make everyone jealous that they aren't in the most beautiful place on earth, nor have the most beautiful fabric on earth.  I'll write more soon and let you know more about vacation and my fabric projects.

Until then, Tschuss!

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