04 August 2011

Schmancy Nails

July brought the weddings of two of my best friends.  I was Matron-of-Honor in one and a lucky witness in the other.  Unfortunately, between MOH duties and chasing 2 toddlers around, I don't have any pictures from either event.

I do, however, have pictures of my fingernails.  As a generally low-maintenance kind of girl, it was downright thrilling to have my fingernails fancied up for these weddings.  I felt like a giddy little girl.

At my friend's wedding where I was MOH, her aunt--a nail tech--gave all the female wedding party members pink-and-whites.  She even did nail art, if we wanted it!  I chose a mod design for my ring fingers.

For those of you who have ever had pink-and-whites, you know that after they come off, your nail beds are torn to shreds.  I tried to keep clear polish on mine for about a week to protect them, but then I found...

...wait for it...

...FABULOUS yellow polish!  Just in time for the second wedding.  And since I didn't have to stand in front of anyone, it was the perfect shade to celebrate!

It's totally '80's.
Totally happy.
Totally RAD!

Isn't it RAD?

HAD to do my toes too!

Color me yellow for a while yet!

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