20 February 2012

My First Ultra-Girly Quilt

**Ms. Tonovitz, this post is about your quilt.  If you happen to be reading this and would like to be surprised, well, stop reading!

****FAIR WARNING!!****

Ok, for everyone else:

Friends of ours are in the process of adopting a baby girl from China after having boys.  Understandably, the Mom has been aching for a girl and is going ultra-girly with her long-awaited daughter.  So when I decided to make a quilt for this little girl (and her mommy), I knew I would have to step out of my usual box. Hint: I'm not ultra-girly.

My friend Dawn posted this quilt on Pinterest months ago, and I instantly knew that it would fit the bill for this baby.

Quilt by NanaCompanyPosted on Pinterest via Flickr.
Since there were no other details about fabrics, I was left to my own devices to find fabrics to use. I perused my friend's--the recipient of this quilt--pins on Pinterest to see what she is drawn to. This caught my eye:

And after begging Dawn to help me find fabrics, then sidelining the project too long to be able to buy any of the fabrics Dawn found (sorry, Dawn!), I settled on the Cabbages and Roses Northcote Range collection.

Fat Quarter Shop is not paying me to add this image.
They just had the best pic of the collection.  I do, however,
think they are one of the best online quilting shops!

I'm planning on pulling out the more saturated blues and reds and sticking mainly with the pinks and greys.  I'll be using some yellow and green prints from my personal collection to round out the color scheme from the picture above.

I might also add that this will be my first attempt at a Dresden Plate (the flower in the center of the quilt), and I'm really excited to try my hand at it.  Fingers crossed, it will be easier than my diamonds were.

More on the diamonds and the Dresden tomorrow.

Good night, cyberspace.


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