24 February 2012

Party Time!

My daughter is turning 2 in just a few weeks, and I'm in the last stages of planning her party and heading into the execution phase. Her absolute, most favoritest thing in the whole world are ducks. Rubber duckies, stuffed animals, books about ducks, real ducks. You name something duck, and she loves it. So, guess the theme of her party. Yup, ducks.

When I relayed the duck theme to my mom, she immediately suggested that I use a blue tablecloth on the table to create a "pond" effect. Brilliant!

I've also had the idea of having a rubber duck derby, but without a body of running water it may be a little difficult. My husband suggested a slip-n-slide down our lawn...may have to give that idea some thought.

The first acquisition to the duck motif was Wilton's 3-D Rubber Ducky pan.

Thankfully, my awesome mother-in-law is amazing with cake decorating and is going to help me with this one. I've done the Wilton 3-D Cruiser for 2 of my son's birthdays, but most of the surfaces on that cake are flat. The rubber ducky is most definitely not flat, and I'm going to need help or else it will end up being posted on CakeWrecks!

I also found this tutorial on the Tidy Mom blog for Rubber Ducky Punch. It's oh-so-adorable, and soooo perfect for the theme.

I usually put streamers up for birthday parties, but since we're going with the duck pond idea, I think blue bunting and white cloud mobiles will be hanging from the ceiling instead.

Maybe something like this, sans balloons:
Floating in the Clouds 3D Mobile by GoshandGolly on Etsy.

Any other great duck/pond/cloud ideas before I move away from the planning stage?


  1. I always loved the duck game at carnivals and fairs. That would be really fun! http://www.carnivalsavers.com/duckpond.html

  2. That would be perfect for little kids! Nice one!

  3. No duck ideas, but I am LOVING your new background... it is a party in my heart, soothing to my soul, and everything else! And if I wasn't before, now I will be a true Vanessa blog stalker just so I can absorb the warm fuzzies your background brings me.
    PS - the slip and slide duck derby is brilliant.

  4. Thanks, Allison! For some reason I'm in love with poppies these days. (Have I talked about my newest favorite fabric line "Gallery Fiori"?) And yes, I'm going to try to figure out a way to do the duck derby!