26 January 2011

The Best Oatmeal Cake Ever

For those of you who are following Moda Bake Shop's Progressive Dinner, this will be a repeat, but I have to share the love!

Sweetwater shared their recipe for The Best Oatmeal Cake Ever, and my good friend, Dawn, was awesome enough to make it for me yesterday!  It certainly lived up to its name.  And since I am impatiently waiting for my own cake to come out of the oven, I will share the it with you!  

Click here for the Recipe!
You'll have to scroll down about 1/3 of the way down the page, but you'll get to look at some really pretty fabrics and quilts along the way.  Here's the author's picture of her finished cake:

And if this has whetted your appetite for amazing confections, check out Gesine's blog at http://confectionsofamasterbaker.blogspot.com/ for some truly gorgeous (edible!) works of art.  (It's a secret, but Gesine is a certain famous Ms. Bullock's sister.  Shhhh.)

Do you have a favorite dessert-ish recipe?  Do you have a flat-out favorite dessert?  Share! Share! Share!  I'd love to try some new recipes!

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