22 January 2011

My Book of a Thousand Happinesses

Although it sounds like a poorly-translated Japanese title, "My Book of a Thousand Happinesses" is the title of my journal for 2011.

For Christmas this year, my sister gave me a super-cute journal (thanks, sis!) that I have been flipping though, caressing and imagining what would fill the pages, but nothing has seemed right.  Each page of the journal has artwork from Susie Ghaharemani's collection.  The friendly owls, funny trees and wonky lines have impressed upon me that this isn't just any journal, it's a happy journal.  And it should be filled with happy things.

In the spirit of focusing more on the positive things in life, I have decided that this journal will be my constant companion this year.  The goal: to have 1,000 happy things written in it before 2012 comes - about 3 things a day.

If you want to smile today, check out Ms. Ghararemani's website: www.boygirlparty.com.  It's a hoot!

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