23 January 2011

Tate Modern Museum, London

I know I've been a little blog happy the past 2 days, but this one I had to share.

For the past 11 years, Unilever has teamed up with the Tate Modern Museum to challenge global artists to individually create a single exhibit to fill an old military turbine warehouse in London.  The space is enormous and the possibilities virtually endless, and each exhibition is unfathomable in scope.  Just looking at photos online humbles me; I cannot imaging how it would feel to experience these in person.  Another reason to travel to Europe!

This year's exhibit is a Chinese creation by artist Ai WeiWei.  Below is a picture of the Turbine Hall with his creation.  Can you tell what he did?

How about now?

Any guesses?  Get ready to be floored...

The third photo is a close-up of the floor.  Ai WeiWei orchestrated a mass-hand-crafting of 100-Million porcelain sunflower seeds by porcelain artisans in Jingdezehn, China.  Poured into the Hall, the seeds cover the floor at a depth of 4 inches, and guests are invited experience the exhibit by walking on, touching and exploring the scope of the seeds.  Ai WeiWei has stated that in doing this project, he hopes that the viewer will contemplate the relationship between individuals and the masses (China is communist, after all).

I highly recommend perusing the previous 10 years' exhibits.  Each are mind-blowing and amazing to look at.  


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