19 January 2011

Spring in January

This week has been unseasonably warm for this area of the world.  We're talking 50's, not 80's, but still so much warmer than the 5-degree weather we had a few short weeks ago.  The air is clean and cool, and where I'm sitting, rays of sunshine are shining on my face.  Usually, I would close the curtains until the sun moved on, but today, I'm basking in the unusual feeling of Spring in January.

I love the odd seasons: Spring and Fall.  They are transition times, and I'm not usually a fan of change, but during these two times of the year I enjoy the growing/turning of leaves, the opportunity for delicious food, the reminder that change can be a beautiful thing and the fact that I'm neither bloody hot nor freezing cold.

Spring just feels hopeful to me.  It awakens something deep inside me to do, to create, to slough off the weight of the previous year and begin anew.  Spring is heavy with possibility.  So today, I'm enjoying a little taste of what's not truly coming for a couple months yet.  I'm going to take this feeling an run with it today.  What will I do?  I'm not sure yet, but I'll let you know what I come up with.

What makes you feel hopeful?  What stirs in you a desire to create?  What are the possibilities for 2011?

The view from where I'm sitting:

This doesn't seem like a January picture, does it?


  1. The sight of real mountains and the smell of Northwest rain. After missing it (for what felt like a really long time) it's now a daily reminder to savor it! 2011 will hold many walks/hikes/camping and family. And maybe some quilting and writing to boot! What better place to do it :)

  2. Ooo...Mountains! I miss having mountains out my back door. NB is a great place to get my mountain fix, though!

  3. spring and fall are my favorites too....it's the landscapes, the new flowers, the old, crisp red leaves....spring in sicily is rumored to be great but we'll see!