26 April 2011

Spring Cleaning

Sorry I've been inattentive to blogging lately.  We hosted a huge Egg Hunt for my husband's co-workers and their families, and preparations took a lot of my time.  The Hunt was a huge success, thankfully, and we had so much fun hunting with our little ones and visiting with other families.

One of the side perks to hosting a big gathering is it inspired me to thoroughly clean my house and redecorate a couple rooms.  When we moved into our house, I misguidedly painted the master bedroom a pair of greens that set my teeth on edge.  It always felt wrong and I felt like I was sleeping in a little boy's room.  So, thanks to a couple unused gallons of blue paint in the garage and some extra marine-blue-satin-turned-curtains, our bedroom feels light and happy and serene.  I spend my mornings sitting with my coffee looking out the window, enjoying the solitude in my new room.  I can tell you that has never happened before.

(Pictures to come)

The other room to get some attention was our dining room.  Formerly an ugly brown rag-rolled catastrophe (from the previous owners, mind you), now a neutral beige-yellow.  The nasty cheesecloth window treatments were replaced with red striped curtains.

(Pictures, again, to come)

There's really no comparison, I feel like I'm in a new house!

Spring...new beginnings. :)

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