08 April 2011

Tiramisu Ice Cream

Last week, I had a bit of a health scare.  Not a huge one, but one that shook me up enough to want to get healthier.  So, for the past 10 days I have been eating healthy and exercising.  Go me, right?

Enter the documentary "Kings of Pastry".  It's about French pastry chefs competing for the MOF honor.  Don't ask me what MOF stands for - I don't speak an iota of French.  Anyway, this competition awards a blue, red and white collar to the top chefs in France every 4 years, and this documentary follows 5 or 6 chefs as they prepare for competition.  Aside from all the outrageously gorgeous sugar sculptures, delicious-looking cream puffs and chocolate lollipops, something one of the chefs said stuck with me.  It was:

"The idea in France is to eat the best possible on a daily basis, but just in small quantities so your brain is happy every day."

I think this is going to be my mantra.  Eat well and keep my brain happy.  

I started last night.  I indulged in 1/2-cup of premium Italian Cafe Tiramisu ice cream.  I dished it up in a fun glass bowl and ate it with a tiny spoon.  Every bite was heaven.  

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  1. YUMMY! Sounds like a good outlook. Depriving yourself of everything is a good way to fail any diet!!