17 February 2011

Cheese and Chocolate

No.  Not together.  That would be gross.  But sadly, these are my two biggest indulgences.  If there is cheese and/or chocolate in the house, I won't stop eating until it's/they're gone.  If I muster up all my willpower and occupy myself with other tasks, I might be able to stretch out the stash for 2 or 3 days.  But seriously, no longer.  If anyone out there is a 30 Rock fan, I love cheese as much as LL loves ham.  Or for your AD fans, as much as Lucille loves vodka.  And as we all know (or can guess), neither of these people are particularly healthy, and therefore, by the transitive property, I am no healthier.

In the spirit of focusing of life's joys, I have decided to become healthier.  Sure, I could call chocolate and cheese joys, but they are short-lived, and the way that I'm devouring them, I will be also.  I think I'd like to trade them in for the joy of endorphins, the joy of a healthier weight, the joy of a healthier body-image and the joy of being a good example for my kids.

So wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed that my resolve is strong enough to overcome my love of dairy fat and sugar!

(Sorry for the poor picture quality!)

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