01 March 2011

Architecture II

I was so excited about all the architecture pictures yesterday that I kept looking for more of my favorites online! All of the following are more of Ms. Susanka's creations or creations of people she works with closely.  I'll try to give credit where credit is due!

Home By Design 2004, Susanka.

Love the built-in bookcases, the gallery lighting, the offset square window and the window seat!
Sublime detail on the window panes! 

Incredible inlays on the floor!
Look at the iridescent tiles around the fireplace!!!

Kaleah House, Ross Chapin Architects
Glass tiles line the awning on the front porch!
Called "Playfully Sustainable".  Blueprints by Ted Montgomery.  Look at all the fun angles, curves and unexpected details (there's actually a tree growing into the Garden Room!)

Oh, Architecture.  How I love you.

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