23 March 2011

Kitsap Quilts for Kids - It's Official!

I was notified today that I was approved to be a leader for an official chapter for Quilts for Kids!  Huzzah!  All quilts made for Quilts for Kids in this area will go to kids in need in this area.  I am still trying to partner with a local hospital, but I will announce it as soon as I have a connection set up!

If you or anyone you know would like to join the cause, our official e-mail is: 
kitsapqfk {at} gmail {dot} com

Keep your eyes peeled for the KitsapQFK Facebook page and blog!

Our first Kitsap-made quilt:


  1. Hooray!!

    I found the FB page! Once I'm done with the two quilts I'm working on, I'll definitely have time to make one! I forget...do they send us kits, or do we use our fabric (won't be a problem, since I have so much!!)? We need to make it out to Pink Chalk!! :D

  2. It would be awesome if you made a quilt! I will have donated fabrics soon - we have 2 quilt shops that have already signed on as partners, so we will be getting our fabrics from them for a little while! :)