06 March 2011

Birthday Party

My youngest turns 1 today.  It doesn't seem possible that she is already a year old.  Time goes by very, very quickly when most of it is spent in pursuit of two toddlers.  However, I have managed to squeeze in a couple projects lately that culminated in a party for my daughter and 5 other little ones.  I see these projects as a physical expression of how much I love her; I want the best for her, and so I want to give her the best from me.  I made her two quilts, one of which will be displayed only once a year for her birthday, and one for her bed.  I will make them a topic for later this week. 

So here are some of the "creations" that showed my enthusiasm for her reaching her first big milestone:

My attempt at a cake inspired by Gesine's cake .
The layers of a colorful Spring birthday cake.

The layers stacked.

The finished cake, frosted and "crumbed".

My Peanut eating her first slice of birthday cake.

A PB&J Caterpillar with carrot and celery legs and a tomato head.

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